5 cubic yards of #1 peat topsoil* only $75.00!

Just for those green thumbs out there. 5 cubic yards of #1 peat topsoil* $75.00 + trucking

Hurry - act now while supplies last!

*no additives like manure, sand, sawdust or whatever. Just one hundred percent good ol' black peat.

Ditch the Shovel, Pick, and Wheelbarrow!

HRH Excavating provides many construction services to the home owner, building contractor, and land developer. These include site preparation, road or driveway building, and of course trenching for underground services and drainage.

Our fleet of machines are small yet versatile units performing king sized tasks often in very tight and demanding circumstances. This machinery also saves a lot of back breaking work that is often encountered with manual labour. The equipment also does the task at hand quicker too!

Quiet too!

Many customers have remarked on how quiet our machinery works particularly next to a building. The lack of disturbance also means peace of mind. Be sure to check back frequently through out the year for our seasonal specials and services.

You Can Rent it Too!

Most of the equipment featured on this website can be rented as a bare rental too! With exception of a couple of machines (crane and wheel loader) these machines are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Just ask us! We can fit a plan and machine to your needs.

Book Online

You can book your equipment needs online. Just fill in our online rental form. Please remember to book early to avoid disappointment. Or if you like you can phone us to book a machine or just ask a question as well.